Cisco EMEAR Network AnnouncementsWed, 21 Aug 2019 03:44:44 -0700On the Way to a Smart City: Linz Pilots Smart Lighting and Environmental Sensors, the capital of Upper Austria, takes another important step on the road to become a "Smart City". Together with Cisco, Linz plans new pilot projects for Smart City applications.2017-04-27 Успех в цифровом будущемНельзя усомниться в том, что мир никогда не менялся так быстро, как сегодня. И никогда еще новые горизонты не сулили столько возможностей для успеха! 2016-06-07 Будущее зависит от насЦентр openBerlin — это инновации, ориентированные на заказчиков. Его задача — разработка решений, которые учитывают потребности бизнеса и обладают рыночным потенциалом.2016-05-24 В вихре цифровизацииМир охватила цифровизация. Бизнес, города и целые страны становятся цифровыми. Поразительно, с какой скоростью меняется наша жизнь. Все, что можно перевести в «цифру», неизбежно станет цифровым.2016-05-10 Success in a Digital Future you ever heard about Felix Kjellberg? Or about his alias PewDiePie? Felix is uploading and commenting videogames on YouTube. You might argue why you should care about this 26 year old videoblogger. You might change your view if you hear that he is reaching an audience of 42 million people worldwide with his YouTube channel. This is a significant lesson for all of us about using digital channels to reach our audience - our customers. Today, a compelling social media presence is only a very small piece of the digital strategy puzzle.2016-03-30 In the Whirlwind of Digitization world moves towards digital countries, cities and companies. It’s stunning to see how our world is changing at an exponential speed of change. What can be digitized, will be digitized. 2015-06-26 Hamburg is making Waves year ago, Cisco and the city of Hamburg signed a Memorandum of Understanding to transform the seatropolis into a Smart City. The recent World Port Conference as well as Hamburg's application for the Olympic Games 2024 mark the perfect opportunity to look back on what we achieved in a year. 2015-06-22 Thought Leadership on IoE: IMD and Cisco create a center for digital business transformation partnership will combine original research and Cisco Consulting’s open innovation approach in order to generate practical insights that executives can apply directly to their businesses.2015-03-31