Cisco EMEAR Network AnnouncementsWed, 21 Aug 2019 03:39:41 -0700Skills for the UK's #industrialfuture - have your say an increasingly digital world, do you really understand what skills we’re going to need in five to ten years’ time? Do you think we’re set up to have them in place? Do you think that as a community and government, we could be doing more to prepare for the changes ahead? If your answer is “yes”, then keep reading and find out how you can have your say.2017-05-16 What might the world look like in 2045? Smith, Cisco Chairman UK & Ireland shares his thoughts on what the world could look over the next 30 years. We’ve got a choice between two very different futures. Technology is a tool - the power is in our hands to use it to make the world a better place and the place we want it to be. 2016-11-22 There’s never been a better time United Kingdom is one of the leading digital nations in the world. Yet we have realised only 17 percent of the country’s digital potential - how do we (as Matt Hancock puts it) help "Britain reach our best future"?2016-07-22 Changing Times Smith shares news on his new role as Chair of Cisco UK & Ireland2016-07-08 The Millennials won’t save you, but culture can roll-out success comes down to creating the right culture at work with 29 per cent of UK businesses still not bringing in digital technologies2016-06-08 Unlocking Europe’s Potential: The possibilities of Industry Digitisation Smith speaking at a recent conference in Brussels with policy makers and business leaders on the opportunity of digitisation, urgency to move forward with the Digital Single Market and to realise Europe’s huge potential in this area.2016-04-07 Cisco UK chief exec leads Government-appointed taskforce on productivity UK and Ireland, Chief Executive, and Tech Partnership Chair Phil Smith, has been appointed as a lead of a Government-appointed taskforce investigating the ways that UK employers can improve productivity.2015-12-22 Cisco delivers new jobs and investment to accelerate UK digitisation taken to increase digitisation across the UK as Cisco bolsters UK-based cloud arm, details UK investments and shows results from early innovation hub.2015-12-17