Cisco EMEAR Network AnnouncementsWed, 21 Aug 2019 03:39:12 -0700What got us here, won’t get us there! disruption is the poster child for innovation. According to the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, digital disruption is expected to displace four in 10 traditional players in each industry within the next five years. It’s a huge wave of change that is bringing with it mobility, cloud deployment and the Internet of Things (IOT), which will see 50bn devices connected to the internet by 2020. But there could be a big fly in this innovation ointment – something I call the Security Effectiveness Gap. This is the gap between the rising tide of cyber threats and the ability for organisations to respond. 2017-02-01 The building blocks of security part of CyberSecurity month, Adam Philpott looks at effective security...and how cyber security is a little bit like Jenga2016-10-27 Are we secure? is a lot of talk of cybersecurity – from presidential debates to company boardrooms, it’s everywhere you go. Yet there is one question that few would know how to answer: “Are we secure?” It’s more than a simple “yes” or “no”. It’s an extremely long journey. At times the best you can hope for is to be prepared. And changing long-term habits to be more secure (or more prepared) can be a painful process. 2016-10-13 Unlocking the latest insights into cybersecurity’ve spoken to two of our senior security operatives in the region, Adam Philpott and Martin Lee, to get under the skin of the new Cisco Midyear Cybersecurity Report and find out what you can do to reduce the risk of being a ransomware victim. 2016-08-02 $10 million to boost cybersecurity skills's Adam Philpott on how to fill the cybersecurity skills gap to keep up with evolving threats2016-06-14 Cybersecurity and the $7.6T digital value at stake's Adam Philpott discusses the four principles of an effective cybersecurity strategy2016-06-14 More does not equal better steps to get the best out of your cybersecurity setup2015-11-13 Build Cybersecurity Talent to Reduce the Risks Associated With the Cyber Threat of Digitisation role at Cisco will be to act as a strategic partner providing the technology solutions for South African businesses to defend against cyber-attacks. Solving the growing cybersecurity problem requires a combination of skilled security professionals, advanced analytics for proactive threat hunting, comprehensive intelligence for real-time threat awareness, and integrated security architectures. The first step that South Africa needs to take is to address the cyber security talent deficit and ultimately contribute to job creation through a long term talent plan.2015-11-09