Cisco EMEAR Network AnnouncementsSun, 21 Jul 2019 13:00:52 -0700 His Master’s Value; HMV chooses Cisco and Cisilion to improve workforce productivity with cloud overhaul icon and Britain’s biggest seller of physical music, hmv, has transformed its employee experience through an overhaul of its instore network in partnership with Cisco and global reseller Cisilion.2018-04-10 Technology changes the way people shop Amazon's highly anticipated Prime Day to retailers using Cisco technology for security and automation, shopping has changed dramatically in the last few years.2017-07-10 Digital Disruption for Business Success Tops Agenda at Cisco Connect UAE 2017• Cisco executives and industry experts highlight what it takes to drive sustainable growth in the Digital Era; underscore the need to ‘disrupt to win’ • 1700 delegates attend insightful keynotes and specialized breakout sessions, experience extensive array of solution demos that bring digitization to life 2017-05-02 Cisco News Mobile App Available Now! industry. Your interests. Your news. #CiscoNewYourWay2017-01-30 Cisco News Mobile App Available Now! and install the new app and discover how the Cisco News mobile app is your handheld companion for the latest regional Cisco headlines. Our new mobile app for iOS and Android offers the same great features you know and love... and is now available for your on-the-go lifestyle.2017-01-30 Cisco to sponsor 8th e-Crime Congress in Abu Dhabi to address the growing threat of ransomware which nets hackers nearly $34 million annually2016-09-19 Cisco 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report Predicts Next Generation of Ransomware; New Tactics Emerging to Maximize Profit Attackers’ “Window of Opportunity” Is Top Priority for Organizations; Cisco Leads Industry in Reducing Time to Detection with New 13-Hour Low2016-07-28 New Cisco Research Provides Digital Roadmap for Capturing $405 Billion Retail Banking Opportunity digital solutions – including sales and service transformation, mobile payments, analytics, video advice, and cybersecurity – drive more than 90 percent of the value for retail banks2016-07-19 Cisco Presents Software Platform for Omni-Channel Retail in Germany introduced ePOS (“electronic Point of Sale”), a standardized omni-channel solution for the traditional retail. 2016-07-06 IoT Regional Forum Copenhagen: IoT, Digitization & Cities. Are Smart Cities Becoming Real? June 9, the IoT Regional Forum will take place in Copenhagen. The backdrop to the event will be the smart city lighthouse engagement in Copenhagen and the deployments the forum participants will be able to witness for themselves in the week of the event – innovations that have evolved beyond powerpoint and are becoming a reality in the Danish capital. Are Smart Cities becoming real?2016-06-02 New Cisco Research Provides Digital Roadmap for Capturing $405 Billion Retail Banking Opportunity digital solutions – including sales and service transformation, mobile payments, analytics, video advice, and cybersecurity – drive more than 90 percent of the value for retail banks2016-05-24 A closer look at Cisco's Digital Solutions at Cisco Live Berlin, Cisco announced a number of new solutions designed to improve how businesses and public sector organisations interact with their customers and employees, and also how they operate. Let's take a closer look.2016-02-17 Cisco Annual Security Report Reveals a Decline in Defender Confidence and the Increased Impact of Industrialized Attackers make strides in advancing security posture in the face of persistent attacks that take advantage of aging infrastructure and data leaks through browser extensions 2016-01-20 Decline in Defender Confidence: Annual Security Report 2016 Annual Security Report (ASR) reveals a decline in defender confidence and the increased impact of industrialized attackers. Learn the top findings from the 2016 Cisco Annual Security Report. 2016-01-20 The Dandy Lab and Cisco Change the Way Consumers Shop: Concept Store Creates a ‘Living Laboratory’ for Retail Technology 2016-01-18 Software and Digitization Are Leading Business Transformation are embracing the idea of the digital enterprise as an “inevitable movement toward a ‘digital center’...2015-12-03 Cisco Appoints Marcel Cappetti as Director of Enterprise release2015-09-21 Cisco Q&A: How the Internet of Everything will redefine retail are big things coming in the next ten years, if technology companies are to be believed. How will this impact us, the consumers? 2015-06-23 Cisco Calls On Middle East Organizations to Embrace the Internet of Everything Era through Digital Transformation the Eve of the inaugural Internet of Things Expo (IoTX) 2015, taking place in Dubai on the 8th and 9th June 2015, Cisco executives called for Middle East Organizations to embrace the Internet of Everything (IoE) Era by adopting strategies to become fully digitized. 2015-06-08 Big Data to Drive IoE Value for Dubai Smart City makes life easier, but how can #BigData and the Internet of Everything (#IoE) help #Dubai achieve a potential value of USD 4.87 billion by 2019? By connecting the unconnected, Chris White, SVP, IoE-IoT Global Sales, Cisco says Big Data can transform the citizen and customer experience, from sports to retail.2015-05-12 Internet of Everything to Transform Dubai into an E-Community White proclaims the Internet of Everything era will transform Dubai Smart City into one of the world’s leading e-communities2015-04-16 Cisco Highlights Multibillion-Pound Opportunity for UK Startups in the Internet of Everything report highlights the possibilities open to UK startup companies embracing the potential of connecting people, process, data and things2015-03-17 Dubai Design District (d3) Awards Tenders to Cisco to provide Advisory and Consultancy Services and Technology Infrastructure for the Community’s Smart City Project announced today that it has been awarded the contract to provide advisory and consultancy-led services as well as a Data Virtualization Platform for Dubai Design District’s (d3) smart city project. 2015-03-01 Cisco Invests in Solving Challenges for the UK through Expansion of Innovation Programme of Cisco centre for collaborative research and emerging technology marks commitment to open partnership to address Internet of Everything opportunity2015-02-18 Video Collaboration Technology for Smart Dubai Abdulal, Collaboration Sales Manager, Cisco UAE shows how video collaboration technology can transform the healthcare, education, retail, and finance fields. Customer collaboration is a key benefit of video technology, providing high-quality, efficient, and intimate face-to-face communication. For example, the hospitality field can provide virtual concierges.2015-01-05 Cisco Enables Dubai Smart Government His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai announced the Dubai Smart City initiative in 2013, it was a mesmerizing vision to transform Dubai into one of the most connected and “smartest” cities in the world.2014-12-23 Personalising the mobile experience mobility will drive truly personalised engagement with customers.2014-12-04 Enhancing the mobile experience to capture customers wireless connectivity can capture, retain and influence customers.2014-12-03 Today’s mobile opportunity goes beyond connectivity advances in wireless networking mean it’s now more about competitiveness than connectivity2014-12-02 Wearables and the Next Gen Wardrobe is known more for features and function than fashion but those worlds are colliding fast as wearables start to look cool …and give us real-time data. 2014-11-17