Cisco EMEAR Network AnnouncementsWed, 21 Aug 2019 03:44:09 -0700In the Whirlwind of Digitization world moves towards digital countries, cities and companies. It’s stunning to see how our world is changing at an exponential speed of change. What can be digitized, will be digitized. 2015-06-26 We're on our way... do Aston Villa and Europe have in common? Chris Dedicoat, President of Cisco EMEAR, discusses the challenges and opportunities for both, and what a weaker Euro means for business.2015-04-23 Thought Leadership on IoE: IMD and Cisco create a center for digital business transformation partnership will combine original research and Cisco Consulting’s open innovation approach in order to generate practical insights that executives can apply directly to their businesses.2015-03-31 Enabling the digitization of companies means you have to understand their core business first has become much more than just a support department. IT is at the very heart of modern businesses, enabling more efficient production and logistics, more impactful marketing, better ways of working together ande even whole new business models. That is why German sales managers spent a day at their customers' core business, to learn all about it and build bridges between IT and business.2015-03-26 Technology to ‘Eclipse’ all others from Chris Dedicoat, talking about the impact of digitisation and IoE2015-03-25