Cisco EMEAR Network AnnouncementsWed, 21 Aug 2019 03:44:23 -0700Cisco 2019 CISO Benchmark Study Reports Increased Vendor Consolidation of 3200 security leaders shows increased investment in defense technologies, security training, risk analysis and risk mitigation, as the unknown in users, data, devices, and apps are a major concern for CISOs2019-04-15 Etisalat and Cisco announce the first Self-Driving Internet Peering Network in the Region announcement showcases the successful adoption of Cisco’s advanced automation, offering a competitive business services model to Etisalat’s customers globally2019-03-25 30th anniversary of the WWW: Better access to education and healthcare top aspirations for the next 30 years of the Web for UAE residents‘Connecting people’, ‘new ways of learning’ and ‘enhanced communication’, seen as top benefits of the web so far 2019-03-20 Cisco Champions Safer Internet with Launch of Children’s Book part of its commitment to ensuring a safer Internet for all, Cisco has collaborated with noted tech columnist Tamara Clarke to launch children’s book – ‘The Super Surfer’2019-03-13 Cisco supports Netcloud's new Cyber Defense Center (CDC) with know-how, technologies and services Cyber Defense Center (CDC) launched by ICT service provider Netcloud AG in the fall of 2018 is based on Cisco's end-to-end security infrastructure with a broad range of technologies and services. 2019-01-15 Cisco Extends Intent-based Networking Portfolio to the KSA and the Region is bringing intent-based networking to deployments of all sizes, delivering a smarter, simpler and more secure network to more customers than ever before. 2018-12-12 Cisco joins forces with the Police to help make the UK the safest place in the world to be online mark the first anniversary of its digital skills manifesto in the UK, Cisco today announced that it is partnering with UK police forces to help provide cybersecurity training for officers across the nation. 2018-11-29 European Cybersecurity Month 2018 - Week Four blog roundup’s the fourth and final week of European Cyber Security Awareness Month 2018. Here’s our final roundup of recent security posts to close off the month.2018-10-26 NHS Digital protects patient data with Cisco and Computacenter patient data to time-critical communications. Lives depend on reliable information sharing in the NHS. With global cyber threats evolving daily, NHS Digital has selected Cisco and Computacenter to help secure the network that provides connectivity for health and social care services across the UK.2018-10-17 Disruption on High: Managing Cyber Risk in a Multicloud World transformation is happening and with it comes the pain of disruption. For many organizations around the world, it looks like this: your workforce is increasingly mobile, employees are using a variety of devices to access your network, and utilizing potentially an unknown amount of cloud services and applications. In addition to your workforce and IT systems changing, the solutions deployed in your environment are also changing how you interact with your customers. As you digitize, you are likely developing your own software, applications and analytics in order to function efficiently in a modern, multicloud environment. This is the new normal. According to IDC, 85% of cloud adopters are using multiple types of cloud deployments. What started out as a way to save money, has now become a strategic initiative for transforming businesses and enhancing experiences for both employees and customers.2018-10-15 Cisco Security prominent at NIAS, NATO’s largest cyber security conference, 16th-18th October and meet Cisco on NIAS stand G2 at Mons Expo, Mons, Belgium, October 16th-18th, to see live demos and learn about Cisco's security products and solutions.2018-10-12 European Cybersecurity Month 2018 - Week Two blog roundup we come to the end of the second week of European Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2018, here’s another look back at a some of Cisco’s recent security-related blogs.2018-10-12 European Cybersecurity Month 2018 - Week One blog roundup we enter the second week of European Cybersecurity Month 2018, we thought we’d share a roundup of ‘must reads’ that offer useful advice to help to shape your cybersecurity strategy.2018-10-08 Cisco Named a Leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls network is the foundation of robust security, and the critical network security element is the firewall. For that reason, Cisco has been committed to delivering a next-generation firewall that can stop threats at the edge and focuses on security efficacy. Those efforts are paying off in substantial momentum, and market observers are taking note.2018-10-08 Cisco helps to shape European cybersecurity strategies at CYBERSEC Forum in Poland can Europe achieve true cyberautonomy? What is the role of cyber trust in the value chain? Should the public sector intervene in securing IoT and critical infrastructure? These and other topics will be the focus of the 4th CYBERSEC conference, taking place on 8th and 9th October in Krakow, Poland, at which Cisco will be a strategic partner. 2018-10-05 Cisco kicks off European Cyber Security Awareness Month with a handy microsite of tips for staying safe online mark the start of European Cyber Security Month, Cisco has launched a microsite with handy tips to help you stay safe online.2018-10-01 Oman Data Park Partners with Cisco for Managed Security Services the Successful Launch of Duqm Data Center, Oman Data Park Partners with Cisco for Managed Security Services2018-08-12 Cisco Security Solutions Support Invest Bank’s Digital Transformation cybersecurity framework improves Invest Bank’s IT agility, reduces average response time from 10 days to 2-3 hours2018-05-30 Hello, GDPR Enforcement’s here. The much anticipated, oft-discussed, enforcement date of May 25 for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has arrived. 2018-05-23 Coming to a network near you…’s a hot topic, some are ready for it and others are starting to realise it’s not far away…what am I talking about? GDPR2018-04-24 Telenor Group and Cisco Sign Strategic Agreement to Collaborate on IoT, Smart Cities, Security and Data Analytics Group and Cisco to collaborate on developing a model for smart city exploration in Norway to utilize IoT for public safety and customer connectivity. Companies to develop a roadmap for advanced, highly secure services, enabling digital transformation to drive new revenue streams, increase operational excellence and enhance highly secure customer experiences.2018-02-27 Go inside Cisco's security team's Talos security team constantly keeps up with the latest security threats and cyberattacks. Meet two of the leaders.2018-02-22 Cisco 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report Reveals Security Leaders Rely on and Invest in Automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Defend Against Threats sophistication is increasing as adversaries begin to weaponize cloud services and evade detection through encryption, used as a tool to conceal command-and-control activity. To reduce adversaries’ time to operate, security professionals said they will increasingly leverage and spend more on tools that use AI and machine learning, reported in the 11th Cisco® 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report (ACR).  2018-02-21 Felix Platter Hospital Implements Cisco Intent-Based Networking as the Foundation for Digital Healthcare Platter Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, is deploying Cisco® Intent-Based Networking to create the foundation for the hospital’s digital operation. 2018-01-08 Top 5 game changers for 2018 30 years, Cisco has connected people. In 2018, we’re taking connection to the next level. We’re helping you get even more value out of all this connection. So you can connect even more deeply with your data. With your network. With smart assistants. And with any cloud of your choice. Here are the top 5 tech trends that digital leaders should invest in for 2018. 2017-12-18 GDPR: 3 Myths and Misconceptions Demystified (Cisco Connected Futures)’s time for corporate executives to understand and act on the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Why? Because it could be the vehicle driving them on their journey to digital transformation.2017-12-14 Cybersecurity: a world of possibilities for women to the 2017 (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study, we’ll reach a 1.8 million cybersecurity workforce gap by 2022. This is a 20% increase over the forecast made in the 2015. Reskilling the workforce to succeed in the 4th industrial revolution will separate those countries and companies that embrace a fast-changing world of digital transformation and those that don’t. 2017-12-02 Cisco Launches Innovation and Experience Center to Bring Digitization to Life for the Middle East• World-class facility presents futuristic digitization experiences • Center to demonstrate real-life scenarios and showcase how Cisco’s latest solutions deliver tangible business outcomes 2017-11-07 Threat Spotlight: Bad Rabbit - Cisco Talos statement and blog has observed a new advanced ransomware worm with similarities to Nyetya (aka Not-Petya), found mainly targeting Eastern Europe and Russia. From what we have seen so far, the user needs to download, and manually execute a dropper purporting to be a Flash Player update from legitimate compromised websites.2017-10-25 #CyberSecMonth: Innovating while protecting data May 25, 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced, becoming directly applicable in all EU Member States. Creating a security and privacy-aware culture will very much depend on our ability as organizations and as society to educate about the risks and benefits of handling personal data.2017-10-18