Cisco EMEAR Network AnnouncementsWed, 21 Aug 2019 03:42:53 -0700'AI days' in EMEAR: Working together to address the challenges and realise the potential of AI, several of Cisco’s EMEAR innovation centres – those in London, Paris and Berlin – played host to a series of ‘AI days’. These events gathered subject matter experts with leading technologists from across the world, to discuss, display and showcase the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in transforming the enterprise and revolutionising the way we do business today.2019-04-01 30th anniversary of the WWW: Better access to education and healthcare top aspirations for the next 30 years of the Web mark the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web, over 11,000 survey respondents from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa shared what the Web has made possible for them today, and what they hope it will make possible for future generations. Enabling ‘better access to education’ tops the list of respondents’ aspirations for the future of the Internet (63 percent), followed by enabling ‘better access to healthcare’ (57 percent).2019-03-12 Let’s celebrate 30 years of possible this day, 30 years ago, the World Wide Web was born. A seemingly complex invention that would go on to open the Internet up to billions of people, creating opportunity in ways we could never imagine.2019-03-12 VNI Mobile Report: Predicting greater speeds, more users, and more device density across Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, and The Middle East and Africa would be hard to miss what’s been ‘front of mind’ at this year’s MWC. Adoption of 5G has dominated the news (in anticipation of its rapid rollout over the next few years). More broadly, Service Providers have continued to focus on the key question of how to accommodate increasing bandwidth requirements while rolling out mobile connectivity to an ever-growing proportion of the world’s population. Last week, Cisco published its 12th Mobile VNI Report. This annual report includes highly detailed global, regional and country-level projections concerning all forms of mobile connectivity. As last year, the report predicts universal growth in mobile connectivity, speed and bandwidth usage. Globally, mobile traffic is projected to make up nearly 20 percent of IP traffic – or 930 exabytes annually – by 2022 – nearly 113 times more than mobile traffic ten years earlier. The report also shows the extent to which 5G is predicted to ‘break out’ over the next three years. Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and The Middle East and Africa, considered as a whole, will see 82 million 5G connections come online by 2022 (out of 422 million globally). It is expected that this expansion in 5G connectivity will be accompanied by the rapid development of a number of exciting applications, including autonomous cars, ‘The Massive IoT’, and AR/VR (all trends referenced in Cisco’s recent ‘Predictions for 2019’).2019-03-01 Cisco: What’s coming up in 2019? is a hugely exciting time to be working in the technology and communications space. As we move into 2019, it’s useful to take a view on some of the upcoming tech trends that will affect businesses.2018-12-12 Cisco’s VNI report – near-universal strong growth in connectivity in Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and The Middle East and Africa traffic is set to explode over the coming years, according to Cisco’s 12th annual VNI report, with more IP traffic predicted to cross global networks during the five years 2017–2022 than in all 32 prior ‘internet years’ combined. Each year, the Cisco VNI report forecasts global IP traffic growth for fixed and mobile networks, painting a highly detailed picture of internet use both now, and in the near future. This year’s report once again paints a picture of near-universal strong uptake in connectivity. Since the VNI forecast began in 2005 traffic has increased 56-fold as more people, devices and applications have accessed IP networks. But that’s nothing compared to what’s coming, with over a billion extra people and over ten billion extra devices set to come online by 2022. In order to meet these challenges, Global service providers are focused on transforming their networks to accommodate changing traffic types, usage patterns, and data volumes.2018-12-04 UK business leaders set deadline of 2020 to transform organisations with priorities on people, technology and greater social purpose of consumers state it is more important than ever that businesses care about their broader impact – on society, the environment and people2018-11-06 European Cybersecurity Month 2018 - Week Four blog roundup’s the fourth and final week of European Cyber Security Awareness Month 2018. Here’s our final roundup of recent security posts to close off the month.2018-10-26 European Cybersecurity Month 2018 - Week Three blog roundup week three of European Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2018 drawing to a close, here’s another roundup of some of our recent security-related blogs and announcements.2018-10-19 Cisco continues to inspire the next generation of girls through ‘greenlight for girls’ understands the importance of closing the Skills Gap and encouraging gender diversity in ICT. We see diversity and inclusion as a fundamental requirement of innovation. This weekend Cisco was proud to participate in Barcelona’s second greenlight for girls (g4g) day. The aim of this event was to help foster interest amongst young women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. 2018-10-08 Cisco helps to shape European cybersecurity strategies at CYBERSEC Forum in Poland can Europe achieve true cyberautonomy? What is the role of cyber trust in the value chain? Should the public sector intervene in securing IoT and critical infrastructure? These and other topics will be the focus of the 4th CYBERSEC conference, taking place on 8th and 9th October in Krakow, Poland, at which Cisco will be a strategic partner. 2018-10-05 The CNBC Conversation with Chairman and CEO Chuck Robbins Chuck Robbins talk strategy, leadership and positively impacting society in a feature length interview with CNBC.2018-10-03 Cisco kicks off European Cyber Security Awareness Month with a handy microsite of tips for staying safe online mark the start of European Cyber Security Month, Cisco has launched a microsite with handy tips to help you stay safe online.2018-10-01 Tune in to CNBC on Friday to see Chuck Robbins talk strategy, leadership and positively impacting society in to CNBC from Friday 28th September at 22:00 BST (and also on Saturday and Sunday) to see Cisco's Chairman & CEO Chuck Robbins talk strategy, leadership, and positively impacting society in The CNBC Conversation.2018-09-26 Keeping the internet open and innovation uninhibited in a 5G world in autumn 2015, we congratulated EU lawmakers on delivering nuanced and balanced rules on net neutrality. 2018-05-04 Meet the Executive: David Meads, VP for Middle East and Africa, we meet a new members of Edwin Paalvast's Leadership Team: David Meads, Vice President for Middle East and Africa. Meads is responsible for the company’s sales and go-to-market strategy, in addition to overseeing growth initiatives, strategic alliances and field execution of that strategy. A key focus in this role is to partner with governments and businesses to build the technology skills, ecosystems and engines that drive economic growth, competitiveness and prosperity across this large, diverse set of markets.2018-04-02 Meet the Executive: Santiago Solanas, VP South Europe Cisco the Executive: Santiago Solanas, VP South Europe Cisco2018-03-12 Go Beyond - True Innovation in the Digital Era, delivered by Cisco and its Partners Cisco Live in Barcelona, the discussions were all about the importance of innovation in today's market where the speed of change will only get faster. The important question for us all, is how can Cisco and its partners generate value and deliver true innovation in the digital era?2018-02-23 Meet the Executive: Oliver Tuszik, VP and GM Cisco Germany Tuszik has been Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Germany since 2013, after a long career at Computacenter, also in Germany. He currently lives with his wife and three children near Cologne and publicly supports the campaign against the shortage of skilled workers. In a great opportunity to sit down with him, we’ve discussed digital transformation in Germany, in his personal life and in the future. 2018-02-12 Meet the Executive: Edwin Paalvast, President of Cisco EMEAR Paalvast is President of Cisco EMEAR (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia) and has over 25 years of IT industry experience in senior management positions. In a rare opportunity to sit down with him, we asked about his career journey, as well as for his perspective on ‘the digital journey’ - the present and future of technology in EMEAR.2018-01-15 Top 5 game changers for 2018 30 years, Cisco has connected people. In 2018, we’re taking connection to the next level. We’re helping you get even more value out of all this connection. So you can connect even more deeply with your data. With your network. With smart assistants. And with any cloud of your choice. Here are the top 5 tech trends that digital leaders should invest in for 2018. 2017-12-18 Have you the skills to succeed in the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’? of the most defining challenges of our time is how fast both countries and companies can reskill their workforce in order to accelerate and succeed in the 4th industrial revolution. Technology will play a critical part. But people’s capability to ‘accelerate and scale’ technology plays an even greater influence in its ultimate impact and success. 2017-11-15 Detecting threats in encrypted traffic with the advanced security analytics of Cisco Stealthwatch, this innovative functionality -Encrypted Traffic Analytics- is available on the new Catalyst 9000 switches and Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers2017-07-05 Cisco News! Your cloud solution for technology news across the globe. #CiscoNewsYourWay on all your devices. 2017-06-29 The New Network. Inspired by You is opening up an entirely new era of networking that can take your business to new places you haven't even imagined yet.2017-06-20 The Need for More Intuitive Computing over 30 years, Cisco has built the fundamental technology that has driven the rise and growth of the internet. 2017-06-20 Skills for the UK's #industrialfuture - have your say an increasingly digital world, do you really understand what skills we’re going to need in five to ten years’ time? Do you think we’re set up to have them in place? Do you think that as a community and government, we could be doing more to prepare for the changes ahead? If your answer is “yes”, then keep reading and find out how you can have your say.2017-05-16 Girls Power Tech: Inspiring Young Women Around the Globe employees are what makes us great, and the 200+ who make these events happen are a shining example. Here are the stories of four of these individuals. 2017-05-16 Digital Disruption for Business Success Tops Agenda at Cisco Connect UAE 2017• Cisco executives and industry experts highlight what it takes to drive sustainable growth in the Digital Era; underscore the need to ‘disrupt to win’ • 1700 delegates attend insightful keynotes and specialized breakout sessions, experience extensive array of solution demos that bring digitization to life 2017-05-02 IT skills open opportunities for women in Jordan Nassar is a global problem solver. The hands-on training she received through Cisco NetAcad prepared her to thrive in a technical career. 2017-04-12