Cisco EMEAR Network AnnouncementsWed, 21 Aug 2019 03:39:23 -0700Cisco Reinforces Commitment to Africa: Training 1 Million New Members of Africa's Digital Workforce and Expanding Support for SMBs the Cisco Connect conference, Cisco outlined its commitment to support the digitization of Africa’s communities, businesses, and governments through several initiatives for skills and talent development, innovation and job creation.2019-05-20 Cisco Named One of the Best Places to Work in the UAE for a Second Year UAE was recognized for its people-focused approach and the promotion of its ‘Conscious Culture’, which empowers employees by understanding their needs to facilitate creativity and create satisfaction in its workplaces2019-04-22 Let’s celebrate 30 years of possible this day, 30 years ago, the World Wide Web was born. A seemingly complex invention that would go on to open the Internet up to billions of people, creating opportunity in ways we could never imagine.2019-03-12 Looking back at Cisco’s 2018 CSR Report – the EMEAR picture of the first things ‘new hires’ often notice at Cisco is how seriously we take our wider responsibilities on the world stage. In fact, it’s something we’re very proud of. As our Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Tae Yoo, pointed out in a blog in December, corporate social responsibility is deeply integrated and core to our purpose, our culture and how we invest our resources.2019-02-26 Uwe Peter appointed as new General Manager of Cisco Germany press release 2019-01-31 Santa and His Helpers Spread Holiday Cheer to Kids in Hospital is an elf to do when there’s so much to organize? So many toys to get ready for Santa! Call for elf reinforcements, that’s what! And that’s exactly what we do every year for Connected Santa. Click the link to read Joanne Bugg and Sarah Winchester's account of Cisco's Connected Santa program, which uses Cisco technology to deliver festive cheer to children in hospital...2018-12-24 Between poverty and a better life, there’s a bridge - Cisco to help The Trussell Trust address social inequality in the UK to help The Trussell Trust address social inequality in the UK2018-12-05 Cisco continues to inspire the next generation of girls through ‘greenlight for girls’ understands the importance of closing the Skills Gap and encouraging gender diversity in ICT. We see diversity and inclusion as a fundamental requirement of innovation. This weekend Cisco was proud to participate in Barcelona’s second greenlight for girls (g4g) day. The aim of this event was to help foster interest amongst young women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. 2018-10-08 The CNBC Conversation with Chairman and CEO Chuck Robbins Chuck Robbins talk strategy, leadership and positively impacting society in a feature length interview with CNBC.2018-10-03 Tune in to CNBC on Friday to see Chuck Robbins talk strategy, leadership and positively impacting society in to CNBC from Friday 28th September at 22:00 BST (and also on Saturday and Sunday) to see Cisco's Chairman & CEO Chuck Robbins talk strategy, leadership, and positively impacting society in The CNBC Conversation.2018-09-26 Budapest welcomes Euroskills 2018 week, the Hungarian capital Budapest welcomes 600 students from 28 countries for Euroskills 2018, the “European Championship” of skills. 2018-09-26 Cisco Inspires the Next-Generation of Women at Girls Power Tech Event in Dubai execs host young women to inspire them to pursue careers in STEM at company’s Middle East headquarters2018-05-14 سيسكو تلهم الجيل المقبل من السيدات خلال فعالية "فتيات تدفعن التقنية" في دبي المسؤولين التنفيذيين لدى سيسكو يستضيفون الشابات لإلهامهنّ بالعمل في مجالات العلوم والهندسة والتقنية والرياضيات لدى مقر الشركة في الشرق الأوسط 2018-05-14 Cisco pledges to support UK armed forces by signing the Armed Forces Covenant support into and at work for veterans, reservists and military families, digital skills training for all areas of the forces, and engagement with entrepreneurial programmes 2018-05-08 Meet the Executive: David Meads, VP for Middle East and Africa, we meet a new members of Edwin Paalvast's Leadership Team: David Meads, Vice President for Middle East and Africa. Meads is responsible for the company’s sales and go-to-market strategy, in addition to overseeing growth initiatives, strategic alliances and field execution of that strategy. A key focus in this role is to partner with governments and businesses to build the technology skills, ecosystems and engines that drive economic growth, competitiveness and prosperity across this large, diverse set of markets.2018-04-02 Meet the Executive: Santiago Solanas, VP South Europe Cisco the Executive: Santiago Solanas, VP South Europe Cisco2018-03-12 Meet the Executive: Oliver Tuszik, VP and GM Cisco Germany Tuszik has been Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Germany since 2013, after a long career at Computacenter, also in Germany. He currently lives with his wife and three children near Cologne and publicly supports the campaign against the shortage of skilled workers. In a great opportunity to sit down with him, we’ve discussed digital transformation in Germany, in his personal life and in the future. 2018-02-12 Meet the Executive: Edwin Paalvast, President of Cisco EMEAR Paalvast is President of Cisco EMEAR (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia) and has over 25 years of IT industry experience in senior management positions. In a rare opportunity to sit down with him, we asked about his career journey, as well as for his perspective on ‘the digital journey’ - the present and future of technology in EMEAR.2018-01-15 Not Yet Sure What To Do In 2018? Join Cisco Networking Academy (Tech Arena) Academy is Cisco’s longest-running and largest corporate social responsibility program. It aims to address the growing networking skills gap. 2018-01-04 Green light for girls at STEM Saturday 16 December, about 200 girls aged 11 to 15 will participate in the first Greenlight for Girls event held in Madrid, conceived in order to inspire their training in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) studies using practical workshops. Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Cisco and other companies and educational institutions organise it. 2017-12-14 20 years of Networking Academy in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia will have an e-skills gap that, if filled, could open up 500,000 additional jobs by 2020 (Empirica). Learn about the impact of 20 years of Networking Academy in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia in our info graph.2017-10-25 Cisco launches initiative to help everyone in the UK develop digital skills 20 years of the Cisco Networking Academy, Cisco commits to train an additional 250,000 people in the UK by 2020 2017-10-24 The Networking Academy is transforming lives - A graduate goes from student, to instructor, to recruiter, 403,400 students are studying at more than 5,000 Cisco Networking Academies across 61 countries in EMEAR. Networking Academy identifies and develops the skills people and businesses need to thrive in a digital economy, collaborating to build the workforce of tomorrow. Jérémy Kostecki went from student, to instructor, to recruiter and he is sharing his story.2017-09-28 New tech tools to track employee happiness employee happiness is good for business, but it comes with challenges. 2017-08-07 Global Problem Solving to Benefit 1 Billion People 2016 Cisco committed to positively impact 1 billion people by 2025. 2017-07-31 Young French entrepreneur designs a smart scarf to help protect people from air pollution winning a Cisco sponsored innovation challenge, a young French entrepreneur created a smart scarf to help protect people from air pollution. 2017-07-25