Cisco EMEAR Network AnnouncementsWed, 21 Aug 2019 03:44:26 -070030th anniversary of the WWW: Better access to education and healthcare top aspirations for the next 30 years of the Web for UAE residents‘Connecting people’, ‘new ways of learning’ and ‘enhanced communication’, seen as top benefits of the web so far 2019-03-20 NHS Digital protects patient data with Cisco and Computacenter patient data to time-critical communications. Lives depend on reliable information sharing in the NHS. With global cyber threats evolving daily, NHS Digital has selected Cisco and Computacenter to help secure the network that provides connectivity for health and social care services across the UK.2018-10-17 Cisco and Portugal’s Government Announce Collaboration to Accelerate Country Digitization Government of Portugal and Cisco signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to accelerate country digitization.2018-03-02 Felix Platter Hospital Implements Cisco Intent-Based Networking as the Foundation for Digital Healthcare Platter Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, is deploying Cisco® Intent-Based Networking to create the foundation for the hospital’s digital operation. 2018-01-08 Global Problem Solving to Benefit 1 Billion People 2016 Cisco committed to positively impact 1 billion people by 2025. 2017-07-31 Digital Disruption for Business Success Tops Agenda at Cisco Connect UAE 2017• Cisco executives and industry experts highlight what it takes to drive sustainable growth in the Digital Era; underscore the need to ‘disrupt to win’ • 1700 delegates attend insightful keynotes and specialized breakout sessions, experience extensive array of solution demos that bring digitization to life 2017-05-02 Cisco News Mobile App Available Now! industry. Your interests. Your news. #CiscoNewYourWay2017-01-30 Cisco News Mobile App Available Now! and install the new app and discover how the Cisco News mobile app is your handheld companion for the latest regional Cisco headlines. Our new mobile app for iOS and Android offers the same great features you know and love... and is now available for your on-the-go lifestyle.2017-01-30 Cisco Helps Accelerate Digitization in the Netherlands, the Netherlands. 19 January, 2017 – Cisco has launched a targeted investment program called Digital Acceleration Netherlands (DAN), aimed at helping to boost the digitization of the Dutch economy and society. Over the next three years, Cisco will be working closely with the Dutch government, industry and education, through the DAN program and its strategic activities. This program is designed to run in parallel to, and help accelerate the “Digital Agenda for the Netherlands” (which was published by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs in July, 2016). By accelerating the national digitization agenda the Netherlands can grow its GDP, create new jobs and provide innovation and education across public and private sectors.2017-01-19 What might the world look like in 2045? Smith, Cisco Chairman UK & Ireland shares his thoughts on what the world could look over the next 30 years. We’ve got a choice between two very different futures. Technology is a tool - the power is in our hands to use it to make the world a better place and the place we want it to be. 2016-11-22 Cisco to sponsor 8th e-Crime Congress in Abu Dhabi to address the growing threat of ransomware which nets hackers nearly $34 million annually2016-09-19 Cisco 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report Predicts Next Generation of Ransomware; New Tactics Emerging to Maximize Profit Attackers’ “Window of Opportunity” Is Top Priority for Organizations; Cisco Leads Industry in Reducing Time to Detection with New 13-Hour Low2016-07-28 German Health Insurance Launches Platform with Cisco Nordost and Cisco to develop a digital platform for healthcare insurance customers in Germany. The platform provides an overview of personal health data with networking capabilities to facilitate prevention and treatments.2016-04-22 A closer look at Cisco's Digital Solutions at Cisco Live Berlin, Cisco announced a number of new solutions designed to improve how businesses and public sector organisations interact with their customers and employees, and also how they operate. Let's take a closer look.2016-02-17 Cisco Annual Security Report Reveals a Decline in Defender Confidence and the Increased Impact of Industrialized Attackers make strides in advancing security posture in the face of persistent attacks that take advantage of aging infrastructure and data leaks through browser extensions 2016-01-20 Decline in Defender Confidence: Annual Security Report 2016 Annual Security Report (ASR) reveals a decline in defender confidence and the increased impact of industrialized attackers. Learn the top findings from the 2016 Cisco Annual Security Report. 2016-01-20 Putting people at the heart of your collaboration strategy too often barriers of distance and time get in the way of business. Supply chains are getting longer and more complex to manage. 2016-01-19 Cisco Connected Caring Program about Cisco Connected Caring - a partnership between Cisco, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and a group of passionate artist ambassadors like singer and songwriter, Keith Urban. 2015-12-01 Cisco Appoints Marcel Cappetti as Director of Enterprise release2015-09-21 Virtual pediatric network connects oncologists across the nation Virtual Pediatric Network connects some of the nation’s top pediatric oncologists to treat children and adolescents diagnosed with rare and complicated cancers. 2015-09-21 Shaping a World of Healthcare without Boundaries healthcare organizations in the Middle East are looking to more efficiently and affordably increase clinical collaboration and enable education and information exchange throughout the healthcare system. With the advent of the Internet of Everything (IoE), connecting people, processes, data and things is now becoming a reality, where traditional boundaries in care and delivery are disappearing. Discover what Ziad Salameh, Managing Director & General Manager Gulf, Levant & Pakistan and Middle East Services Leader, Cisco Systems has to say on Shaping a World of Healthcare without Boundaries 2015-09-03 Smart City Hamburg reimagines the classroom with the Internet of Everything smart cities like Hamburg, education and healthcare are being transformed through the Internet of Everything. 2015-08-17 Cisco Urges Middle East Countries to Utilize Public-Private Partnerships to Advance Digitization Agendas East countries will need to utilize public-private partnerships to support their digital transformation agendas, in order to benefit from the networked connection of people, process, data and things – the Internet of Everything - Cisco announced today. 2015-07-22 Cisco Calls On Middle East Organizations to Embrace the Internet of Everything Era through Digital Transformation the Eve of the inaugural Internet of Things Expo (IoTX) 2015, taking place in Dubai on the 8th and 9th June 2015, Cisco executives called for Middle East Organizations to embrace the Internet of Everything (IoE) Era by adopting strategies to become fully digitized. 2015-06-08 Jordanian Government and Cisco Further Expand ‘Tele-Health’ Network in the Kingdom Jordan Royal Medical Services (RMS) and Cisco announced last Friday the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to expand the RMS Tele-health network that was created through the Jordan Healthcare Initiative (JHI), a strategic public private partnership between the Jordanian Government and Cisco.2015-05-31 Collaboration Meeting Rooms to Transform Daily Lives in the Middle East Abdulal launches Collaboration Meeting Rooms in the Middle East, transforming daily lives and supporting Smart Cities2015-04-14 Cisco Highlights Multibillion-Pound Opportunity for UK Startups in the Internet of Everything report highlights the possibilities open to UK startup companies embracing the potential of connecting people, process, data and things2015-03-17 Cisco Delivers Powerful Collaboration Tools Spanning the Browser to the Boardroom, Delivered On Premise or Via the Cloud today launched Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) in the Middle East. Leveraging the power of the Cisco WebEx Cloud and Cisco Telepresence video infrastructure, Cisco‘s Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR) offering will scale well beyond any available meeting room service capable of hosting up to 1,000 people on WebEx in addition to up to 25 video endpoints on the same session.2015-02-25 Cisco Invests in Solving Challenges for the UK through Expansion of Innovation Programme of Cisco centre for collaborative research and emerging technology marks commitment to open partnership to address Internet of Everything opportunity2015-02-18 Cloud First puts citizen benefits first in government the UK’s attempts to digitize healthcare records to the US government’s launch of the Obamacare website, public sector computing is regarded as overpriced, inflexible and failing to deliver better services. While there are success stories in government IT, it’s the failures that attract the headlines.2015-02-10