Cisco EMEAR Network AnnouncementsFri, 14 Dec 2018 08:07:34 -0800Cisco: What’s coming up in 2019? is a hugely exciting time to be working in the technology and communications space. As we move into 2019, it’s useful to take a view on some of the upcoming tech trends that will affect businesses.2018-12-12 Between poverty and a better life, there’s a bridge - Cisco to help The Trussell Trust address social inequality in the UK to help The Trussell Trust address social inequality in the UK2018-12-05 Cisco’s VNI report – near-universal strong growth in connectivity in Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and The Middle East and Africa traffic is set to explode over the coming years, according to Cisco’s 12th annual VNI report, with more IP traffic predicted to cross global networks during the five years 2017–2022 than in all 32 prior ‘internet years’ combined. Each year, the Cisco VNI report forecasts global IP traffic growth for fixed and mobile networks, painting a highly detailed picture of internet use both now, and in the near future. This year’s report once again paints a picture of near-universal strong uptake in connectivity. Since the VNI forecast began in 2005 traffic has increased 56-fold as more people, devices and applications have accessed IP networks. But that’s nothing compared to what’s coming, with over a billion extra people and over ten billion extra devices set to come online by 2022. In order to meet these challenges, Global service providers are focused on transforming their networks to accommodate changing traffic types, usage patterns, and data volumes.2018-12-04 Cisco SONFlex Helps VodafoneZiggo Ready for 5G with RAN Automation, Netherlands – December 3, 2018 – Cisco today announced its plans to execute on a radio access network (RAN) automation strategy using the Cisco SON (self-organizing network) platform for VodafoneZiggo.2018-12-03 Cisco joins forces with the Police to help make the UK the safest place in the world to be online mark the first anniversary of its digital skills manifesto in the UK, Cisco today announced that it is partnering with UK police forces to help provide cybersecurity training for officers across the nation. 2018-11-29 Cisco Unites SD-WAN and Security to Address the New Cloud Edge is unifying its security and software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technologies to help organizations embrace the cloud faster with choice and confidence. 2018-11-13 Cisco Transforms Cloud Calling and Huddle Spaces you need to make a simple phone call or communicate, share and co-create across time zones to make that deadline, Cisco® collaboration provides the cloud services and products you need. And we do it in a way that your IT team can scale, and your company can afford. To help you get great work done, today we’re announcing major innovations in cloud calling and team collaboration. 2018-11-13 Cisco Brings Wired and Wireless Intent-based Networking to the Masses over two decades, the Catalyst family of switches have been known for pushing the limits of what the network could do. Last year, Cisco’s Catalyst 9000 switches pushed those limits even further by introducing the world to intent-based networking, helping big networks learn, adapt and evolve. Now, Cisco is expanding its iconic Catalyst portfolio to all access, including the branch, across wired and wireless. And it is bringing intent-based networking to deployments of all sizes, delivering a smarter, simpler and more secure network to more customers than ever before.2018-11-13 Global Cities Embrace Smart Living with Cisco at SCEWC 2018 Smart City Expo World Congress 2018 next week, Cisco will show its commitment to help global cities become digital and smart to cut costs, drive efficiencies, create new business models and enable better quality of life for residents and visitors. 2018-11-07 UK business leaders set deadline of 2020 to transform organisations with priorities on people, technology and greater social purpose of consumers state it is more important than ever that businesses care about their broader impact – on society, the environment and people2018-11-06 European Cybersecurity Month 2018 - Week Four blog roundup’s the fourth and final week of European Cyber Security Awareness Month 2018. Here’s our final roundup of recent security posts to close off the month.2018-10-26 Zain Kuwait partners with Cisco Meraki to deliver cloud-based solutions to enterprises in Kuwait Kuwait, the leading digital service provider in the country, announced a strategic partnership with Cisco to deliver secure, cloud-based, managed network solutions to enterprises of all sizes in Kuwait. This partnership aims at empowering a more efficient enterprise sector in Kuwait in alignment with the country’s National Development Plan (New Kuwait 2035). 2018-10-19 European Cybersecurity Month 2018 - Week Three blog roundup week three of European Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2018 drawing to a close, here’s another roundup of some of our recent security-related blogs and announcements.2018-10-19 Data Mount To Build Oman’s Largest Commercial Data Center Using Cisco Technology today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Data Mount, a leading data center hosting services company in Oman. Data Mount is planning to establish the largest commercial data center in the country to date. Through its partner ecosystem, Cisco will provide data center technology and help enable Data Mount to design, deploy and secure its next-generation cloud services in a data center in Jebel El Akhdar, Oman.2018-10-18 Cisco and Abu Dhabi Airports to take the Capital’s Airport into a New Era of Digitization and Abu Dhabi Airports have signed an agreement that will give Abu Dhabi Airports commercial benefits on Cisco solutions, in support of Abu Dhabi Airport’s digital transformation strategy. This agreement highlights Cisco’s commitment to collaborate with ADAC on its vision to build the airport of the future by delivering world class airport services and infrastructure. 2018-10-18 NHS Digital protects patient data with Cisco and Computacenter patient data to time-critical communications. Lives depend on reliable information sharing in the NHS. With global cyber threats evolving daily, NHS Digital has selected Cisco and Computacenter to help secure the network that provides connectivity for health and social care services across the UK.2018-10-17 Saudi Telecom Company (STC) and Cisco to Redesign STC Network to Support 5G Services Telecom Company (STC) and Cisco today announced plans to collaborate on STC’s network architecture transformation. STC is embarking on a mass-scale networking and automation project to support new capabilities and future innovations including the evolution of enterprise services, enhanced broadband and IoT, as well as the demands of multicloud environments.2018-10-16 du Collaborates with Cisco to Offer New, Software Defined Networking Solution for Business Customers, a UAE-based telecommunications service provider from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), in collaboration with Cisco, today announced the launch of a software defined Intelligent Connectivity solution. 2018-10-16 Disruption on High: Managing Cyber Risk in a Multicloud World transformation is happening and with it comes the pain of disruption. For many organizations around the world, it looks like this: your workforce is increasingly mobile, employees are using a variety of devices to access your network, and utilizing potentially an unknown amount of cloud services and applications. In addition to your workforce and IT systems changing, the solutions deployed in your environment are also changing how you interact with your customers. As you digitize, you are likely developing your own software, applications and analytics in order to function efficiently in a modern, multicloud environment. This is the new normal. According to IDC, 85% of cloud adopters are using multiple types of cloud deployments. What started out as a way to save money, has now become a strategic initiative for transforming businesses and enhancing experiences for both employees and customers.2018-10-15 Cisco Security prominent at NIAS, NATO’s largest cyber security conference, 16th-18th October and meet Cisco on NIAS stand G2 at Mons Expo, Mons, Belgium, October 16th-18th, to see live demos and learn about Cisco's security products and solutions.2018-10-12 European Cybersecurity Month 2018 - Week Two blog roundup we come to the end of the second week of European Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2018, here’s another look back at a some of Cisco’s recent security-related blogs.2018-10-12 European Cybersecurity Month 2018 - Week One blog roundup we enter the second week of European Cybersecurity Month 2018, we thought we’d share a roundup of ‘must reads’ that offer useful advice to help to shape your cybersecurity strategy.2018-10-08 Cisco continues to inspire the next generation of girls through ‘greenlight for girls’ understands the importance of closing the Skills Gap and encouraging gender diversity in ICT. We see diversity and inclusion as a fundamental requirement of innovation. This weekend Cisco was proud to participate in Barcelona’s second greenlight for girls (g4g) day. The aim of this event was to help foster interest amongst young women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. 2018-10-08 Cisco Named a Leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls network is the foundation of robust security, and the critical network security element is the firewall. For that reason, Cisco has been committed to delivering a next-generation firewall that can stop threats at the edge and focuses on security efficacy. Those efforts are paying off in substantial momentum, and market observers are taking note.2018-10-08 Cisco helps to shape European cybersecurity strategies at CYBERSEC Forum in Poland can Europe achieve true cyberautonomy? What is the role of cyber trust in the value chain? Should the public sector intervene in securing IoT and critical infrastructure? These and other topics will be the focus of the 4th CYBERSEC conference, taking place on 8th and 9th October in Krakow, Poland, at which Cisco will be a strategic partner. 2018-10-05 The CNBC Conversation with Chairman and CEO Chuck Robbins Chuck Robbins talk strategy, leadership and positively impacting society in a feature length interview with CNBC.2018-10-03 Cisco kicks off European Cyber Security Awareness Month with a handy microsite of tips for staying safe online mark the start of European Cyber Security Month, Cisco has launched a microsite with handy tips to help you stay safe online.2018-10-01 Budapest welcomes Euroskills 2018 week, the Hungarian capital Budapest welcomes 600 students from 28 countries for Euroskills 2018, the “European Championship” of skills. 2018-09-26 Tune in to CNBC on Friday to see Chuck Robbins talk strategy, leadership and positively impacting society in to CNBC from Friday 28th September at 22:00 BST (and also on Saturday and Sunday) to see Cisco's Chairman & CEO Chuck Robbins talk strategy, leadership, and positively impacting society in The CNBC Conversation.2018-09-26 Telecommunication Regulatory Authority and Cisco Work Together for the UAE’s Digital Future Quality Addition to Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) Program2018-09-25