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Generation C – A glimpse into the future

Generation C – A glimpse into the future
The third in a series on the impact of Generation C by Graeme Codrington, Tomorrow Today and Hendrik Blokhuis, Cisco
Generation C – A glimpse into the future READ FULL ARTICLE
Generation C – A glimpse into the future

Generation C – A glimpse into the future

Graeme Codrington
Tomorrow Today

Hendrik Blokhuis
CTO, Collaboration

November 04, 2014
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The third in a series on the impact of Generation Cby Graeme Codrington, Tomorrow Today and Hendrik Blokhuis, Cisco


Yesterday we discussed Generation C and their impact on the world of work, today we provide a glimpse into the future.


So if Gen C is going to be even more transformational than the Baby Boomer generation, what could some of those transformations look like?

At the most extreme end of the spectrum, according to some leading and more tangential thinkers, the first person to live forever could well be alive today, and by 2045 we may also experience computers developing consciousness (2045: The year man becomes immortal, Time Magazine, 2011). At the very least, in the next few years, the technologies that connect us will become implanted in our bodies and connection will become automatic, continuous and increasingly intimate.

Gen C will ‘re-programme the world’

Because Gen C look at things in a more ‘programmable’ way, they will deliver change not by optimizing existing processes, but by designing them in a completely new way. We expect this to have an impact on every facet of life because Gen C has an exponentially increasing number of connected ‘building bocks’ at their disposal: Billions of people, things, processes and open data.

This group of people are already embracing the Build Your Own App mentality characterised by the limitless ‘If this then that’ approach. For example, why not have an App that uses simple sensors to have a parking spot indicate when it is available. Link this to a city Wi-Fi network and a navigation app and you could see traffic seeking a parking space reduce by up to 30%, parking revenue increase by say 35% and parking fines become a thing of the past because people can find a legal space more easily.

We are experiencing the impact of a generation who will revolutionise and re-programme our world. Which raises the question - what could Gen C create by challenging today’s accepted thinking at a business level?

A revolution in business models

Darwin’s theories about evolution have conditioned us to see evolution as progressive and slow. But even in the natural world, the pace of evolution seems to be quickening with adaptations in one type of bird being seen in only a few generations.The arrival of real-time interaction and collaboration will drive a revolution in business models. Gone will be the days of experiment, build, test and deploy. Gen C is bringing a one phase approach to business revolution. What was once approached as an experiment will become implement and then evolve.

In fact, in our view the Gen C attitude will change people very quickly. Like the PC in the 1990s, it will arrive like a tsunami as people begin to understand the true power of sharing and collaboration and then turn it to advantage.


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