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Cisco Announces Networking Academy and Co-Innovation Hub at Federico II University in Naples, Italy

Cisco Announces Networking Academy and Co-Innovation Hub at Federico II University in Naples, Italy
o Internet of Things, cybersecurity, and networking training for students to build competencies for jobs of the future o Co-Innovation Hub to foster innovation together with local businesses
Cisco Announces Networking Academy and Co-Innovation Hub at Federico II University in Naples, Italy READ FULL ARTICLE

Cisco Announces Networking Academy and Co-Innovation Hub at Federico II University in Naples, Italy

January 26, 2018
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Naples (Italy), January 26th 2018 –  At an event held today in Naples, with the participation of Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni; Cisco Chairman and CEO Chuck Robbins; and Gaetano Manfredi, Rector of University Federico II, Cisco announced the launch of a Cisco® Networking Academy® and a Co-Innovation Hub at the university.

The goal of the project is threefold: foster digital competencies, accelerate employment opportunities for young people, and contribute to the growth of the local economy. In addition to training programs in IoT, cybersecurity, and networking, students and companies engaged in co-innovation initiatives will be able to access the Cisco DevNet community platform to get application development skills for software, devices, and networking. The Networking Academy and the Co-Innovation Hub will be located in the new university buildings in San Giovanni a Teduccio.

“Today’s initiatives show how Cisco is delivering on its vision to support Italy’s growth. As part of Cisco’s Digitaliani investment to accelerate country digitization, a key focus is helping people develop digital skills. Training young people to master digital skills and transferring that knowledge and innovation to companies are a win-win. We will have more digital specialists and more organizations that understand the value of digital transformation and want to embrace it,” says Agostino Santoni, General Manager of Cisco Italy. “We are very happy to bring another new initiative to Naples. Working in Southern Italy, with other Networking Academy partners, local companies, research institutions, and academia, we always find precious ideas and outstanding talent who deserve all they need to become strong drivers for Italy’s growth.”

Cisco Networking Academy: an opportunity for young people

The Cisco Networking Academy program was established more than 20 years ago. Its goals are to help train the workforce of the future and to create the global problem solvers who innovate as technologists, think as entrepreneurs, and can address economic and societal challenges. In Italy, just in the last two years, more than 80,000 students attended Networking Academy courses.

At the new Cisco Networking Academy at University Federico II, Cisco will provide content and platforms to teach students about the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, and networking. The local organization Consorzio Clara will manage the courses. This is a big opportunity for young people, because the gap for ICT professionals in Italy is growing by more than 25 a year, according to statistics from the Digital Competence Observatory. Similarly, the gap for cybersecurity and IoT skills is increasing by more than 55 percent a year.


Co-Innovation Hub: open doors for local companies to share innovation and talent

Classrooms and labs of the Cisco Networking Academy at Federico II University will be open to local companies and the innovation ecosystem in the form of a Co-Innovation Hub.

The Hub will be operated in collaboration with Campania Newsteel, a technology incubator. They will organize initiatives for technology transfer and competence development aimed at local companies, with a focus on Industry 4.0 and the “app economy,” For that, they will use the Cisco DevNet developer community platform and tools. Co-innovation will ignite growth opportunities, connecting the best skills, ideas, and technologies available in the region. The activities of the Hub will also involve Networking Academy students. This way, the Hub will provide students with hands-on learning experience and direct contacts to companies.

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